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Almost every industry that deals with fluid contents require its conveyance solution. This is only possible with a proper system that is built using Hoses, Fittings, Pipes, Quick Couplings and Hammer Unions. Although the list is not limited to these, yet it is enough to give an idea of what you require.

Below is the list of Products that we source from the best suppliers around the world manufactured using the best practices as per the industry standards. You can go through the details of each product and even get in touch with us to discover more. Further to this, feel free to download our catalogue for information.


Highly flexible yet strong hoses to convey fluids safely and securely

Hoses are responsible for conveying fluids from one place to another keeping the conveyance process safe, secure and reliable. Hoses we provide are up to the high industry standards and provides the best results.

Fittings & Adaptors

Directing the fluid in different directions flawlessly

Fittings are essential in directing the fluid in the directions it is intended to flow. This is done flawlessly with our Fittings designed and manufactured keeping the contingencies into consideration.

Quick Connect

Quick Couplings control the fluid supply promptly

When time is of an essence and the fluid supply is to be either connected or disconnected quickly, Quick Connect Couplings play their role. We have got these in our stock and can also provide you with a custom order.

King Combination

These are the Hose Ends suitable for low-pressure fluids

King Combination Nipples are also referred to as KC Nipples. These are the hose ends normally used with the Industrial Hoses handling the fluids with a low pressure. Visit this section to find out more.

Chicago & Camlock

Connecting the hose ends together in case of two or more

Extending the reach of hoses is a common practice in order to ensure that the fluid is conveyed properly wherever it is required. To join more than one hose together, the couplings are very effective.

Clamps & Other

A number of other accessories are available for different purposes

Although the Clamps & Other Accessories are not amongst the main components of the Hose Assembly, yet they play a crucial role in the system. For example, clamps ensure the strong grip between the joints.

Hammer Unions

Mainly used to join mud tanks together avoiding flanged joints

When dealing with drilling fluid, joining more than one mud tank together requires precision and perfection. Hammer Unions are the best choice by the industry experts to handle this situation.

In addition to these products, our sister concern Spincor Dubai can provide you with the quality Dewatering Products. Feel free to visit their website to find out more.

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Quality is our motto. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our clients’ satisfaction and our intent to secure the ISO 9001:2015. Give us a chance to serve you with our quality products and services and we’re sure of earning your trust as well

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